ETIC to start operations – Members validate strategies and 2022-2024 working program

The members of ETIC, the European Timber Industries Confederation, have met in Brussels to endorse and launch the working program that will enforce the European Organisation’ strategy for the 2022-2024 biennium. ETIC leaders have firstly approved the “pillars” on which the Confederation will be based: The providing of robust inputs to the European Institutions resulting from the work of […]

ETIC and SEFB join forces for the benefit of the European Timber Industry

The ranks of ETIC, the new European Timber Industries Confederation, are widening with the membership of SEFB, the French Organisation of Forest Operators, an independent and responsible professional Organisation which today represents – with a cumulative Pre-tax turnover of 340 million € and the annual mobilisation of more than 5,200,000 m3 – the vast majority of French forest […]

The European Timber Industry has a new voice in Brussels: ETIC IS BORN!

ETIC, the European Timber Industries Confederation, has been formally constituted in Brussels. The brand new Organisation has been given the mission to act as a close and dynamic European Institution’s interlocutor, especially in a moment when, as never before, the timber sector deserves to be listened to and be considered as a key partner in the […]