ETIC to start operations – Members validate strategies and 2022-2024 working program

The members of ETIC, the European Timber Industries Confederation, have met in Brussels to endorse and launch the working program that will enforce the European Organisation’ strategy for the 2022-2024 biennium.

ETIC leaders have firstly approved the “pillars” on which the Confederation will be based:

  1. The providing of robust inputs to the European Institutions resulting from the work of its internal Policy Commissions;
  2. The advocating for a larger and concrete insert of the timber Industry sector in the EC agenda:
    • The timber Industry offers multiple responses for facing and tackling major climate change challenges;
    • The timber Industry is a full-fledged “Ecosystem” and can legitimately pretend being directly supported through the allocation of resources from the European Recovery Fund;
    • The timber industry has a playmaker role in the development of new industrial/economical/social models “after Covid-19”.
  1. The building of solid communication activities to promote the use of timber;
  2. The ensuring of constant interaction with EU Authorities, political decision-makers and stakeholders;
  3. The developing of its membership;
  4. The consolidation of a modern and financially sustainable Confederation, solidly anchored on basic andtrue associative principles.

More info: Press Release – ETIC to start operations