ETIC is an AISBL, an International non-profit-making Association, according to Belgian companies law.

The Brussels-based Organisation is headed by a Director General, Mr. Patrizio ANTONICOLI, currently supported by some ETIC’s members staff.

ETIC will rely on Policy Commissions, requested to orient the Confederation members positions on the multiple questions affecting the sector, like:

  • Raw material supply & Sustainability 
  • R&D
  • Trade
  • Technical Affairs
  • Industrial Relations
  • Legal Affairs

All Policy Commissions will be accompanied by a Marketing Unit in charge of Communication and Media.

A General Directors Group (Director Generals of member Organisations and Companies) is under constitution in order to support the Confederation’ Director General.

ETIC is governed by a Board, currently composed of funding members and chaired by Mr. Vítor Manuel Poças, AIMMP Chairman and CEO of Madepoças.

The Board validates ETIC’s strategies and budget according to the Management Committee and/or Director General proposals.

The Confederation Management Committee is the executive body which ensures the co-ordination of the activities and the management of the Confederations’ resources, in compliance with the powers delegated to it by the Board (the Committee is made up of the Board Chairperson, a Board member of the General Council invited by the Chairperson and the Confederation’s Director General).

The Director General is in charge of the daily management of the Organisation, guarantees the application of Board decisions and supervises the proper functioning of the Policy Commissions.

ETIC Statutes