Difficult to believe that the timber Industry still needs in 2022 to remind the use of wood being, most probably, THE answer to the Climate Change challenges.

Our Industry and its products are based on a natural and sustainable material. Sustainable material since always……coming from sustainably managed forests, supplied, transported and processed in sustainable ways.

Our industry is committed in consolidating a responsible circular and sustainable economy aiming to reduce all impacts on climate and environment. 

In order to comply with such a commitment but also to meet our industries demand, ETIC is setting up a “Certification Platform” for wood-based products, aiming to validate the sustainability of all the processing phases converting the raw material into a finished product.

The protocol CNUF (Conselho Nacional de fabricantes de Urnas Funerárias) will soon inaugurate the Platform functioning, by creating a certification scheme for ecological wood-based coffins that will be based on the Portuguese CNUF initiative following a strict production process audit performed by French Bureau Veritas.

Any wood-based coffin manufacturer in Europe can be awarded the CNUF Certification, provided being member of a National Organisation member of ETIC.

If you wish to know more about the Certification Platform, contact us.
If you wish to know more about the Certification Platform