our history

ETIC was established in Brussels in May 2021.

The Confederation constitution resulted from the impulse of several European Woodworking Industry players, claiming for the need of a structure able to interact with the European Institutions on key issues – related both to raw material availability and its processing phases – with a balanced approach, taking into consideration all positions, from all European territories and following a previous internal debate, really democratic.

The Timber Industry “starts” in the forests and ends with products that are increasingly being incorporated in our lives, with outstanding results in terms of wellness, safety, security and concrete response to climate changes.

Therefore, ignoring the importance of all the voices of such a crucial industrial sector or reducing to few subsectors only the prerogative to represent the overall aggregate, would have been a mistake.

According to the above, ETIC aims to build solid connection with the European Authorities and the multiple Stakeholders in order to present and support its members concerns and positions on key policy areas, from Raw Material Supply and Sustainability to Trade and Circular Economy.